My Garden in Autumn

Earlier this year I posted photos of My Garden in Spring. What a difference a few months make. Here’s what my garden looked like then…
Garden then

Here’s what it looks like now…
Garden nowThe Swiss chard is monstrous. The Buddha statue’s head barely peeks out over the squash.

Tomatoes are everywhere.Tomato plants

Zucchini, squash and cucumber vines are spreading out and crawling up the critter fence.Squash vines

Here’s the Buddha back in Spring…Buddha then

Find him now…Buddha nowWe have had lots of hot sun and frequent rain this summer so my garden is abundant. It is also my first year flying the prayer flags. Coincidence? No apparent causal connection?
I think not.

I bow low before the Exalted Garden Buddha”.

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2 thoughts on “My Garden in Autumn”

  1. Yummy tomatoes (and everything else)! Time to make the gazpacho, the horiatiko salata, the marinara, the oven drieds… and to mail some to me!

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