Moving from Lanergan Drive

After 25 years, we are moving from our home on 2939 Lanergan Drive.
2939 Lanergan

I have sweet memories of 24 celebrations of Christmas,Lanergan Drive Christmas

many roast turkeys,Lanergan Drive turkey

25 years of gardening,Lanergan Drive garden

abundant fresh herbs,Lanergan Drive garden

and dozens and dozens of koulouria.Lanergan Drive koulouria

But more importantly, I am grateful for how this house has served my family for all those years. And I hope these guys feel the same…


Egg cracking

Easter Boyz 2013

Father's Day 2011

Heart Lanergan DriveHeart Lanergan DriveHeart Lanergan Drive

Garden for Bees & Butterflies

Most of us are aware of the importance of bees in our natural world, and are anxious to do our part to help them. The most important thing that bees do is pollinate.  Why not try to give them lots of opportunities to do just that? And who doesn’t love to see butterflies in their garden? So, in lieu of vegetables, that have become increasingly more difficult for me to grow, I am creating a garden for bees & butterflies.

Herb gardens are a haven for bees. I already grow several perennial herbs and I want to provide bees with even more “food”. I have a big patch of mint, oregano, horseradish, lemon balm and chives that I let flower. I also have a  good size raspberry patch. These are all big bee attracting plants.



Bees are drawn to plants with open or flat flowers with lots of pollen and nectar. The scent of a flower can have particular appeal to bees, and bright colors may also attract them. Avoiding herbicides or pesticides is very important, both of which are not good for bees.ChiveBlossoms

To attract even more bees, I added phlox, coneflowers (echinacea), and bee balm (monarda) where I use to grow tomatoes and squash.


Did you know that there are over 200 species of butterflies in Michigan? They are attracted to red, pink, and purple flowers that grow in the sun. From over 100 different kinds of plants in the Midwest that attract butterflies, nearly 50 of them are also excellent for attracting bees. It’s nature’s win-win scenario!


Every Spring I plan to add more perennial plants that will attract bees and butterflies. You can create a bee and butterfly garden too. Try to plant at least 3 different types of flowers to have blooms through early spring and late summer. Join me and together let’s make our gardens, and our world a healthier place for bees.

My Garden in Autumn

Earlier this year I posted photos of My Garden in Spring. What a difference a few months make. Here’s what my garden looked like then…
Garden then

Here’s what it looks like now…
Garden nowThe Swiss chard is monstrous. The Buddha statue’s head barely peeks out over the squash.

Tomatoes are everywhere.Tomato plants

Zucchini, squash and cucumber vines are spreading out and crawling up the critter fence.Squash vines

Here’s the Buddha back in Spring…Buddha then

Find him now…Buddha nowWe have had lots of hot sun and frequent rain this summer so my garden is abundant. It is also my first year flying the prayer flags. Coincidence? No apparent causal connection?
I think not.

I bow low before the Exalted Garden Buddha”.

My Garden in Spring

I love Spring. My garden seems like a charmed place with all my perennial herbs sprouting up. Spring came early this year and I have already planted some veggies.RaspberriesMy raspberries are growing up fast and strong.

ChivesMy chives are blooming. I love their mauve blossoms.

Lemon Balm & OreganoThe lemon balm is growing now with the Greek oregano. They’re living in harmony!

MintThe mint is already several inches high and I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t stage a coup.

KaleI am growing kale for the first time. My friends have already shared their kale recipes.

Swiss ChardI am also growing green and red Swiss chard for the first time.

Red & Butter Leaf LettuceRed and butter leaf lettuce = future yummy salads!


I have lots of perennial rhubarb & my neighbor likes to make strawberry rhubarb pie.

Buddhist prayer flagsMy Buddhist flags sending peace, prosperity and protection prayers via the wind. Have you starting planting yet? My plan is to add tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and peppers. Maybe also some lavender and rosemary. What’s growing in your garden?