My Garden in Spring

I love Spring. My garden seems like a charmed place with all my perennial herbs sprouting up. Spring came early this year and I have already planted some veggies.RaspberriesMy raspberries are growing up fast and strong.

ChivesMy chives are blooming. I love their mauve blossoms.

Lemon Balm & OreganoThe lemon balm is growing now with the Greek oregano. They’re living in harmony!

MintThe mint is already several inches high and I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t stage a coup.

KaleI am growing kale for the first time. My friends have already shared their kale recipes.

Swiss ChardI am also growing green and red Swiss chard for the first time.

Red & Butter Leaf LettuceRed and butter leaf lettuce = future yummy salads!


I have lots of perennial rhubarb & my neighbor likes to make strawberry rhubarb pie.

Buddhist prayer flagsMy Buddhist flags sending peace, prosperity and protection prayers via the wind. Have you starting planting yet? My plan is to add tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and peppers. Maybe also some lavender and rosemary. What’s growing in your garden?

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