Recipe of the week: Beet salad

Today I made a big salad for dinner based totally on an intuitive craving. It tasted great. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:
1 can of garbanzo beans – rinsed & drained
1 can of sliced beets – rinsed & drained
1 red onion – sliced
1/4 lb of feta cheese – crumbled
I used Mt Vikos sheep and goats milk blend.
1 head of boston leaf lettuce – rinsed & spun, then torn by hand
I used Mirabel hydroponic lettuce.
My Greek salad dressing
Mix, toss…

Beet Salad
Beet Salad

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5 thoughts on “Recipe of the week: Beet salad”

  1. Good morning.

    I just found your site and am intrigued by a number of recipes. Thank you very much for posting them.

    I am considering your beet salad, which sounds irresistible, as a side for this:

    I intend to roast fresh beets, both red and golden, which I have ready access to at my nearby grocery. I’ll keep them separate as best as I can, because I know red beets tend to stain what they touch. Otherwise, would you hesitate to use both red and golden beets in your recipe? Also, I am considering fresh baby spinach instead of, or in addition, to the boston leaf lettuce. What’s your counsel on that?

    I’m not very sophisticated in coordinating flavors, so if you think I’m mis-thinking this combination of your salad and the ham barbecue (link above) on the same plate, please don’t hesitate to say so.

    Also, could you suggest an affordable cut of lamb that can be slow cooked to delight four people and perhaps a Greek side dish to accompany it? Maybe your stewed green beans?

    Thank you again for your recipes. And, if you have time to do so, thank you for taking a moment to respond to my message.


    1. Thank you for visiting my site. I think you can use fresh red, golden or both colored beets for your salad. It is a very versatile salad that will go with many dishes. Of course, you can substitute the green lettuce leaves with baby spinach.

      There are many cuts of lamb that can be slow cooked, such as shoulder, leg or lamb shank. Ask your butcher for a recommendation. Also, don’t trim all of the lamb fat away before cooking. The fat contains a lot of flavor. Any excess will rise to the surface of the cooking liquid, and can be skimmed away. Stewed green beans are often served as a side dish with lamb shanks. Happy cooking and thank you again for visiting

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