Merry Christmas! Blessings and Cookies

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Here is Yianni with Stella, me with Stanley and our son Rahbi in our annual Christmas photo.

You know I always make Christmas koulouria with these two adorable boys, Benjamin and Maxwell Hammond. They’re always a big help!

That’s my Christmas koulouria recipe ICYMI.


I have to make another batch for these handsome men, Rahbi and Jason Hammond.

And there might just be a little box of koulouria under our tree for Malvina Mirowski!

I am also so happy for the blessing of welcoming my cousin Stathi back home to our wonderful state of Michigan! Welcome home Stathi! Be sure to visit his organization named for his daughter, that helps families of children with cancer and blood disorders, Lainie’s Angels. If you can, I ask that you give to this philanthropic cause in her name.

Here is my Nouna with all my Grand Rapids cousins. What a beautiful family: Chris, Becky, Nouna Tina, Georgia and Stathi.

Merry Christmas!  Jesus the Christ is born! Glorify Him!

And so the kings have come, and they have seen the heavenly King that has come upon the earth, not bringing with Him Angels, nor Archangels, nor Thrones, nor Dominations, nor Powers, nor Principalities, but, treading a new and solitary path…

So, the Father of all ages, as an infant at the breast, nestles in the virginal arms, that the Magi may more easily see Him.  Since this day the Magi too have come, and made a beginning of withstanding tyranny; and the heavens give glory, as the Lord is revealed by a star.

To Him, then, Who out of confusion has wrought a clear path, to Christ, to the Father, and to the Holy Spirit, we offer all praise, now and for ever.  Amen.

St. John Chrysostom’s Christmas Homily

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