Maxwell’s Merry Christmas Koulouria

Max Kristmas Koulourakia 2011 Every Christmas I make my Mother’s traditional butter cookies, Greek Koulouria. I used to make them with my son, Robert, when he was much younger. Now, I make them with  my Grandson Maxwell.

All shapes and sizes! Letters too! Max likes to make his cookies in the shape of the initials of the person to whom he is giving.

Traditional twisted shaped Koulouria This Yiayia likes to make them in the traditional twist shape like her  Mother did. Benjamin


Benjamin likes to help, which means spreading Christmas cheer and flour everywhere. Let's flour Dad's head





Sometimes the need arises for a little horsing around with Dad. In the end, there is a feeling of great accomplishment and of course, learning about the gift of giving something handmade.

Merry Christmas! May you have a blessed Christmas with family and friends and may all your Christmas dreams come true!

With love, Kitoula

Hammond Merry Christmas 2011

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9 thoughts on “Maxwell’s Merry Christmas Koulouria”

  1. WOW, your site is very impressive, great pictures, great idea. Thanks for sharing them with me. Great Tradition

  2. We love being part of this tradition. Thank you for sharing your time and recipe with us Yia Yia!!
    Love love love

  3. Wow…what a good Yiayia!!

    Two comments:

    1) I didn’t see MY initials!!
    2) Are you guys coming to our Jan 1 open house?

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Ha ha! Grandpa Doug, you’ll have to take up the initial issue with Maxwell. We are planning on attending the New Year’s day festivities!

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