Delmonico steak dinner for two

Yianni and I had a delicious dinner for two last night. We grilled a Delmonico steak seasoned with garlic pepper. It’s easy to make a seemingly ordinary week night dinner more special. Take some time when you set your table. Use cloth napkins. Open a nice bottle of wine.

We also grilled zucchini. Just brush the zucchini with good olive oil and season with garlic pepper and salt, then put it on the grill with the steak. I dressed a bowl of quartered tomatoes with organic extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. All of the tomatoes were fresh from my garden and picked that day. Be sure to dip into the olive oil with a chunk of crusty multi-grain bread fresh from your favorite bakery.

Here’s a photo slideshow of our Delmonico steak dinner for two.

What do you do to make dinner special for your special someone?

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