Delmonico steak dinner for two

Yianni and I had a delicious dinner for two last night. We grilled a Delmonico steak seasoned with garlic pepper. It’s easy to make a seemingly ordinary week night dinner more special. Take some time when you set your table. Use cloth napkins. Open a nice bottle of wine.

We also grilled zucchini. Just brush the zucchini with good olive oil and season with garlic pepper and salt, then put it on the grill with the steak. I dressed a bowl of quartered tomatoes with organic extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. All of the tomatoes were fresh from my garden and picked that day. Be sure to dip into the olive oil with a chunk of crusty multi-grain bread fresh from your favorite bakery.

Here’s a photo slideshow of our Delmonico steak dinner for two.

What do you do to make dinner special for your special someone?

My garden in July

It has been very hot here in Michigan this month with temperatures in the 90°s. Although it is hot and I am grateful for air conditioning, my garden is loving all this sun. It’s absolutely glorious! Here is my photographic proof.

Look at my daylilies. I wish I could cut them and bring a few of them into the house, but if you’ve ever tried that you know it doesn’t work.

I love daylilies.

The mint is flowering. It’s a good thing I have it in a raised bed, otherwise it would be everywhere.

Raspberries are ready to pick.

And I think I am going to have quite a few tomatoes come September. More photos of my garden in my set on Flickr. How’s your garden growing?

Tweetea & Detroit Moxie go to Ford House

My friends Hubert Sawyers III of Tweetea and Becks Davis of Detroit Moxie organized a wonderful event last night for a group of us social media devotees to tour The Edsel  & Eleanor Ford House.

Photography is only allowed on the grounds, not inside the house that was designed by Albert Kahn to resemble a cluster of Cotswold village cottages. Here’s me doing my best to pretend for the camera that I live there! Jens Jensen designed this, at the time, modern landscape. I tried to capture the incredible beauty with my camera. 

the grounds in front of the entrance…

the entrance to Ford House…

the lagoon that once was connected to Lake St. Clair…

slate roof with stone shingles and leaded glass windows…

the lake shore view…
You can see more photos of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in my Flickr set.


Haggis!We had some delicious haggis at Robert Burns Night at the Kilgour Scottish Centre. My photo got a bit of attention. I have had two requests for permission to reprint it. One was from the Haggis group on Flickr and the other was from the Kilgour Scottish Centre’s monthly newsletter.

I have tasted haggis several times. The first time was on a visit to Scotland. The haggis served at the Robert Burns Night at the Kilgour Scottish Centre was very good.