Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

It’s been a while since I’ve shared photos about a craft project. So, when I thought about it for a while, I remember that I started knitting this scarf months ago for a green winter coat purchased last winter. I need to get to work on this if I want to wear it in a couple of months! Thanks to a Facebook post I still have a link to the pattern.

knitting Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

I did manage to finish this pink and green (what was I thinking?) shawl last year and it now hangs over the back of my chair at work for the odd occasion when the air conditioning decides to deliberately attack the back of my neck. No pattern for this one, just bulky yarn, garter stitch and big needles.

knitting 2 Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

I believe the last time I blogged about crafting was my post entitled: What to do with Yiayia’s doilies?  That was a Sharpie, acrylic gesso, doilies and stickers craft project and I got the idea from an art gallery in Saugatauk MI.

More recently I took a few hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon and made this White Daisy Wreath from Paper Source.

White Daisy Wreath 51 Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

The kit came with adhesive foam squares, but I pulled out the acrylic gesso again and used it instead. These paper flowers aren’t going anywhere but on the wreath form!

White Daisy Wreath 41 Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

White Daisy Wreath 21 Crafts: Knitting and a Daisy Wreath

Do you craft? What are you working on right now?

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Ocean Prime

Recently we dined at a nearby restaurant that we’ve never been to before called Ocean Prime.
IMG 1045 Ocean Prime

To start, I ordered the Lobster Bisque topped with a sweet corn fritter. If you like lobster bisque you will like theirs.

IMG 1046 Ocean Prime

John loves a good Caesar Salad. He ordered one with crisp romaine lettuce, Parmesan garlic dressing and brioche croutons. He asked for extra and they didn’t skimp on the anchovies.

IMG 1047 Ocean Prime

For my main course I had Alaska Halibut with lobster gnocchi, spring peas and lemon jus. It was very tasty.

IMG 1048 Ocean Prime

John opted for the Sea Scallops with Parmesan risotto, English peas in a citrus Vinaigrette. It was delicious.

The service was good. The room was beautifully appointed. We will definitely dine there again.  Here’s their menu.

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Kalofagas Toronto Weekend

Yianni and I recently took a road trip to Toronto. On our itinerary was meeting food bloggers Peter Minaki and Paula Costa at 420 Smokehouse for dinner, as well as seeing Nia Vardalos in Theatre 20’s production of Sondheim’s musical Company.Danforth Kalofagas Toronto Weekend VictoriasMansion2 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend
We stayed at Victoria’s Mansion, an adorable Inn & Guest House.

VictoriasMansion Kalofagas Toronto Weekend
Gloucester Street, Church Street and the area around it has been home to the Toronto gay community for many decades. This “geighborhood” was fabulous! We also visited Toronto’s Botanical Gardens.

TorontoGardens Kalofagas Toronto Weekend Here’s a pic of Yianni and I before heading out to meet Peter and Paula for dinner.

YianniKitoula Kalofagas Toronto Weekend We were delighted by the casual atmosphere of 420 Smokehouse, its delicious food and the Cabbagetown neighborhood.  Cabbagetown, now very gentrified, was once one of Toronto’s poorest neighborhoods, inhabited by many Macedonian immigrants. Some say the area got its name then, when cabbage was a staple food of  its struggling working class and many grew it in their gardens.420SmokeHouse 2 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend We started our dinner with some delectable oysters.

420SmokeHouse Kalofagas Toronto Weekend We also enjoyed sharing macaroni and cheese with bacon topped with a warm baby spinach salad with walnuts.

420SmokeHouse 3 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend I ordered the smoked chicken dinner with aligot ( garlic & cheese mashed potatoes) and sauteed kale.

420SmokeHouse 4 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend Yianni chose St Louis ribs glazed with ale sauce with 420 Caesar salad.

420SmokeHouse 5 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend

Peter went for the St Louis ribs with dry rub and a side of aligot.

420SmokeHouse 6 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend Paula ordered the Southern Fried Chicken wings & hot sauce with slaw.

PeterPaula Kalofagas Toronto Weekend Danforth Kalofagas Toronto Weekend It was so nice to meet fellow food bloggers Peter and Paula that I have known for years online and now know in real life! Internet FTW!Danforth1 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend Afterward we went to the Danforth Greektown neighborhood for dessert and coffee and a little window shopping. Here’s a shop that was proud of the Greek soccer team’s performance in the World Cup.StLawrenceMarket Kalofagas Toronto Weekend The next day we headed out to visit Toronto’s famous St. Lawrence Market. National Geographic’s “No. 1 food market in the world” was overwhelming to say the least. Next stop… Theatre 20.Company 768x1024 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend What a wonderful show! I am so glad we got the chance to see it. The cast was full of extremely talented theatre actors.

NiaTheatre20 Kalofagas Toronto Weekend All in all a great weekend in Toronto. I recommend you dine at 420 Smokehouse when next you’re there and check to see if you can catch a show.

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