Welcome to Kitoula.com and my newly designed site that is responsive to whatever device you are viewing it with; mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

My blog is about simple food, my Mom’s Greek recipe books, and gardening. I’m a bit of a “Craftser” too. Knitting, needlepoint, drawing, painting, and paper crafts are my idea of fun! Thank you for visiting. Feel free to comment and share.

Chef Larissa goes Whole Hog

My dear friend, Chef Larissa Florica Popa recently held a ...
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Newly redesigned Kitoula.com

Welcome to the newly redesigned Kitoula.com. This site is responsive ...
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New site design for Kitoula’s Greek Food Journal

If you are trying to view my site via your ...
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Freelance food writing

I did some freelance food writing work recently and contributed ...
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