Gleek Retreat was truly a retreat…

I had so much fun I don’t know how or where to begin to tell you about this experience. Was it an informative conference? Yes. Did I meet a whole group of  kewl bloggers IRL that I would not have met otherwise? Yes. Was I inspired and motivated to give my little niche blog (the “shoemaker’s daughter” of all my other work in social media) more attention and TLC? Absolutely!

But the best part was the relaxation, the food, the drink, being surrounded by nature and how comfortable everyone felt just hanging out with one another…

The drive up and back with Courtney and Melissa? Hilarious…laughing ’till we cried.

Look for the convo on Twitter by following the hashtag #GleekRetreat and #GleekRetreat10. Here’s the conference info and here’s where we stayed. Thanks Stacey and JodiMichelle. I will proudly display the badge on my site and will be counting the days until next year.

Gleek Retreat

I guess I’m a bona fide because I’ll be attending Gleek Retreat tomorrow in Olive Michigan at the Into the Woods Retreat. This conference is explained on their site as a blogging retreat for bloggers organized by bloggers.

I hope to be truly inspired and to learn as much as I can about blogging. And I plan to report at least once from the event.  Maybe I’ll see you there!