Kitoula’s Social Metrics

I have been working for an ad agency on a corporate “social good” project for a multinational brand. I am the project’s Community Manager and Blogger. I manage the project’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles. I write articles for the website under a pen name and am the site’s content manager.

I have learned quite a bit about social metrics since working on this project, so I thought I might apply some of this knowledge to’s social media. My numbers look miniscule compared to those I have been calculating for the project.

Here are the May numbers for Facebook. They are called ‘Insights’:
Total Likes: 163
New Likes: 4
People Talking about my Page: 28
Fans who have engaged with my Page: 76
Total Reach or folks who have seen any content associated with my Page: 911
Total Impressions: 2,785
Friends of Fans or folks who are Friends with those who Like my Page: 1,740,291
[Wow! I guess my Fans have a lot of Friends!]
58% of my Facebook Fans are women between the age of 35 – 64.

Kitoula May FB Reach

Using HootSuite I took a snapshot of my profile called a ‘Twitter Profile Overview’. I was very surprised to find that my profile can be found on 40 Twitter lists.Kitoula May Twitter

Using a free analytics tool for Pinterest, called Pinpuff, I created this chart which lists my Boards, Followers, Pins, Repins and Likes for each:Kitoula Pinterest Chart

Please let me know if you have any questions about all these figures. Also, if I don’t post any new recipes in the next few weeks, you now know what is keeping me busy!