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The holidays are coming up fast, and we all will be doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking. I want us to have a healthier and more humane holiday, so my wish this season is for you to “Shop With Your Heart”.

I try to love all God’s creatures. And, full disclosure, my diet does include meat. I also believe that animals that have a happy life taste better and are better for you. The ASPCA “Shop With Your Heart” initiative will help us recognize, locate and ask for meaningfully welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy products as well as plant-based alternatives.

I’m sharing some of their online tools to help.
• A label guide that decodes what different labels mean and what to look for
• A list of food brands that tend to have higher welfare certifications
• Info on where to find higher-welfare products
• A list of farms that are welfare-certified
• A supermarket request card if your grocery store does not carry higher welfare products

You might be wondering, what are “meaningful” welfare certifications? A truly meaningful welfare certification has standards that are high enough to address animals’ physical, emotional and natural needs, as well as strong oversight in place to ensure participating farms are actually meeting those standards.

Is there is a puppy or kitten Christmas wish in your family’s scenario? Please consider adopting a pet. Our precious furry skeelákia, Stanley & Stella, are adopted. Stella was rescued from a puppy mill. Make adoption your first option!

Merry Christmas Stanley and Stella. Shop with your heart.

Merry Christmas. Shop with your heart.Have a Merry Christmas and Shop with your Heart! Merry Christmas. Shop with your heart.

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