Wedding in Cancun Mexico

Last week Yianni and I went to my nephew’s wedding, Andrew Dallas to Amy Dunayevich, in Cancun Mexico at the Riu Palace Riveira Maya resort. I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook. Here are some highlights.

The Beach at Riu Palace Riviera Maya

The beach felt like Paradise. Or at least how I imagine Paradise to be.

Yianni on our balcony

Here’s a view from our balcony.

Amy and her parents

Amy was a beautiful bride and her parents are adorable.

Beautiful ceremonyIt was a beautiful ceremony and Amy’s gown was gorgeous. It was all lace. Can you find Amy’s Grandmother? So cute.


It’s official! Thumbs up Andrew.

w00t! Married Lady!

We all had so much fun.

Proof I was there

Aren’t smart phones great?

DJ Ready - Time to Partay!

DJ is ready. Time to partay!

Amy and Andrew

Best wishes to the happy couple. So glad Yianni and I could be there to celebrate with you.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding in Cancun Mexico”

  1. what a beautiful place to get married! it looked like a very nice jewish wedding!! I haven’t been to a beach wedding yet! Looks like a blast!
    xx, kat
    a girl & her food

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