Fruit Salad in July

Who doesn’t like a fruit salad? The weather has been really hot with a heat advisory on almost half of the country. I don’t really feel like cooking or eating much on days as hot as this, but a nice cold fruit salad is just the thing I enjoy.

I started with kiwis. They are a little labor intensive, but I try to get into the “zen” of peeling these furry little fruits.

 I love the tartness and the color of kiwis.

 Next come the strawberries, I trim off the green leafy tops…

…and then I quarter them.

Green grapes are easy, just pluck them off their stems.

Blueberries require nothing but a quick rinse.

I serve my fruit salad with classic yogurt mixed with honey.

My fruit salad is also photo set on Flickr. What are your favorite fruits to mix in a salad?

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