World Clothes Line Charity Event

Tonight I attended World Clothes Line Charity Event hosted by the Hungry Dudes.  It was a wonderful event. *Great food * Great folks * Great example of social responsibility*
World Clothes Line’s Mallory Brown and her team travel to the poorest areas of Indonesia, Peru, and throughout the United States to give new clothing to those who need it most.Mallory BrownProceeds from the evening help fund World Clothes Line’s charitable clothing deliveries.

The event was catered by the Forest Grill, Detroit Free Press 2010 Restaurant of the Year. The strolling buffet was delicious. I managed to snap quite a few photos.


I met Executive Chef, David Gilbert, and he told me he is of Greek decent and has relatives living in Greece.Forest Grill ChefAnd of course there were yummy desserts like these cookies…

but the real star of the evening was World Clothes Line.
Make sure to shop and support this company.
Inspired Apparel, Clothing the World
They will match every item sold with a new item for someone in need.

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