Athenos Feta Commercial Audition

I saw this poster shared on Twitter. I emailed per the instructions and the Casting folks said they would like me to audition. Athenos audition poster

Instead of going to Chicago, they allowed me to send in an “audition tape”. So, they sent me a script. Here’s what I sent them.

Yianni and I had so much fun working on this! I hope I get a “call-back”!

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11 thoughts on “Athenos Feta Commercial Audition”

  1. Ahahaha, Kitoula you’re hilarious and wonderful in the video. Even though I don’t like the product, I wish you well in the audition.

  2. This was adorable. I, too, auditioned. You saved yourself a trip in a blizzard! You made it look so easy! Good Luck!

  3. The only reason you wouldn’t get a call back is that you look too young! (50 schmifty) That and the lack of authentic furnishings (ie, couch covered in plastic) in the video. I swear I’m still laughing about this whole thing…BTW, I used my Athenos feta today!

  4. Hi,

    We’re not Greek but we are Greek Orthodox. I showed your video to our priest today and you really cracked him up. I never would have thought of the epikranthi line, that was pure genius. And the bit with the used tissue, that was so funny too. Every little kid is grossed out by that. The only thing I saw that was missing were the hard plastic seat covers for the living room furniture!!! Thanks for a great blog, lots of laughs and great kuzina ellenica! KAA

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